Self-help meetings are the backbone of the ASCA SM recovery program. Our meeting resource files are provided to assist you in the process of properly establishing and running ASCA SM meetings.
ASCA Meeting Resources Guide
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ASCA Meeting Tour – Slideshow

Observe how an actual meeting works in this presentation.
ASCA Meeting Tour – PDF (646kb)

ASCA Meeting – Audio File

Listen to this audio example of an ASCA meeting (re-enactment)
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ASCA Meeting Audio Example – MP3

Meeting Resource Files Currently Available
  1. How to Work ASCA SM Solo Package
  2. How to Run ASCA SM Group Meetings Package
  3. NEW ASCA SM Online Meeting Package
  4. ASCA SM Rotational Meeting Package
  5. ASCA SM Step Work Meeting Package
  6. ASCA SMMeeting Individual Files Package
    Individual Files
  1. Tips for Starting an ASCA SM Group
  2. ASCA SM Meeting Guidebook
  3. ASCA SM Meeting Co-Facilitator Training Manual
  4. Survivor to Thriver Manual
  5. Welcome to ASCA SM Handout
Meeting Resource Files Download Page

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