ASCA Traditions

For all ASCA members.

Printable version (2024) (pdf)

All ASCA meetings are guided self-help groups. An ASCA co-facilitator is both 1) an active participant and 2) serving in a time-limited role of reminding participants of the guidelines, ground rules, and format. Remember: “We all bear responsibility for keeping the meeting helpful and safe.”

In that spirit, all meeting participants commit to…

  1. following the ASCA meeting format and guidelines;
  2. maintaining confidentiality;
  3. respecting and empathizing with each other;
  4. maintaining and honoring each other’s personal boundaries;
  5. adopting a non-directive approach with each other in matters of recovery—avoid giving direct advice or imposing their own beliefs, instead encouraging self-reflection and empowerment;
  6. resolving conflicts with each other and with the group—not letting conflicts escalate;
  7. creating a sense of belonging and unity among members out of a shared commitment to mutual support;
  8. reminding ourselves of the ASCA meeting guidelines that keep all of us safe.